Yard Signs


Yes!  We are still displaying our yard signs in solidarity until the end of the planning process with the City!

Yard signs direct residents and visitors to our neighborhoods to the RTB website which carries all the updates on the Morena Plan and provides ways for everyone to participate in designing their community!

Owners of the signs will be able to put a sticker inside the round area of the balloon that states “ACT NOW!” For example, if an Overlook Heights resident is opposed to the 90Ft proposal, they can put a sticker that states “No 90Ft” inside the balloon circle of the sign.

Since there are ongoing issues until the Clairemont Community Plan Update is finalized (City states approximately 3 years),  the “ACT NOW!” portion of the sign is intended to inspire your neighbors to look into the issues and get involved before it’s too late.

Please email Erin@raisetheballoon.com to request a yard sign and or sticker.  We are asking for a minimum donation of $25 to cover printing and source funds for the April 22 Event.


RTB Committee



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