Historical Polls & Surveys

Historical Polls & Surveys

Polls and Surveys tell us what you (the community stakeholders) want built in our neighborhoods.  We keep your answers, comments, and suggestions as a matter of public record to use at official meetings including Community Planning Group, City Council, and SANDAG Board of Directors.  Below are polls and surveys that we have published in the past and retained for historical purposes.


Honorable Ron Roberts


Dear Honorable Ron Roberts

I, along with many of my community members are asking that you make a motion, or allow Councilmember Lorie Zapf to make a motion, to halt SANDAG's eminent domain lawsuit against 2565 Clairemont Dr., and the current owner, Protea Properties, at the December 16th Regular Session of the Board of Directors.

You are aware that our community supports Protea's design proposal, that Protea has provided all of SANDAG's requirements for the Clairemont Dr Trolley Station, and that the Board of Directors' unequivocal support for Protea is needed to streamline the approval of Protea's project.

Once the motion to halt the lawsuit is made, I ask that you vote in FAVOR.


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  1. Jean Wiseman says:

    High density to me is the height of greed. Quality of living is one of the reasons people want to live in San Diego.
    30 ft limit is a good thing.
    A voter

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