My $500 Donation Deal and RTB’s Coming Changes

My $500 Donation Deal and RTB’s Coming Changes

Starting now, I will be donating $500 to Raise The Balloon for every closed escrow in Bay Park, Bay Ho, Overlook Heights and the Greater Clairemont Mesa Area when I either represent a seller, a buyer or both in any new residential property transactions that close escrow.

As I go back to my full-time work as a real estate broker, RTB needs funds to hire a Social Media Manager/ Webmaster who can now perform the duties that I have over the past 3 years for RTB.

I will remain a guide and Spokesperson for RTB where necessary at SANDAG Board of Directors and San Diego City Council Meetings.  I will also continue my Ask James Blog.  The RTB Committee members have now assumed the responsibilities of the operation of RTB. You can contact the committee at

 The Media Manager will need to be a website developer and FaceBook guru in order for the website to fulfill the requests of the community including providing vetted information about the Planning Process, determining official positions of elected officials, create relevant surveys and EMail Petitions, alerting residents as to important meetings and events to attend and publishing videos of the meetings on

If the Land Use and Zoning portion of the Morena Specific Plan isn’t given back to the Ad-Hoc Subcommittee, RTB will need to engage a campaign to monitor the CCPG and decisions that will be made regarding Height Limits and Density during the Clairemont Community Plan Update that has been projected to be a 3-year process by the San Diego Planning Department.

*For details or to contact Mr. LaMattery please visit his business website at

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