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Fran Marsh
Your neighbor on Kane Street.

Erin Cullen
Your Neighbor on Kane Street.

Margaret VanBlaricom
Your Neighbor on Denver Street.

Tom Saliwanchik
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Bruce Kimmes
Your Neighbor on Frankfort Street.  




RTB/ Bay Park Boardwalk is a grass-roots organization made up of residents who live or work in Bay Park, Bay Ho, Overlook Heights, and the greater Clairemont Mesa neighborhoods.

Our goal, since organizing in February of 2014, has been to provide an additional, and less formal, venue for public engagement in the planning process of our community.

We do not supplant the Community Planning Groups (specifically Clairemont Community Planning Group,  Morena Specific Plan Ad Hoc Subcommittee, and Pacific Beach Planning Group), but rather, hope to provide more access and input to these groups.

Many residents are comfortable expressing their concerns, wishes and desires within our informal meetings, blogs, and surveys/polls, than attending their local city recognized planning groups.  Many have been unaware that the planning groups exist.  Some do not have the time or resources to attend the planning group’s regularly scheduled meetings.  We actively support these planning groups and encourage our membership to attend their meetings, workshops, etc.

Since RTB/Bay Park Boardwalk Committee organized to disseminate information about future planning, we have actively sought connection with potential investors in order to host our neighborhood meetings where they can meet our residents face-to-face in settings less stringent than the planning groups.

Potential issues can be resolved through these discussions, before investors make formal project application, thereby streamlining the planning process.

If you are considering investing in our neighborhoods, please feel free to contact us using the form below and a committee member will respond with availability and scheduling.






4 comments on “Contact/About Us”

  1. Donna Reply

    Wow! This site is great! I just moved to my rental property on Knoxville and always wondered if that trailer park would ever go away.
    I realize there is a need for diversity for all income levels but this park produces crime/drug activity. I don’t know who manages it but they don’t seem to care about this type of activity.
    I’m all for helping make this section of Bay Park more beautiful and safe. I personally walk the alley and pick up trash when I can.
    I’ll look forward to becoming a volunteer for this worthy organization and am very happy to learn of it’s existence! Congrats to all of you that put this together!

  2. Ronald Lalonde Reply

    I agree with Donna. I’m a homeowner that actually lives on Knoxville Street and can attest to the blatant crime/drug activity at the trailer/RV park on same street.

  3. Ronald Lalonde Reply

    It’s a real shame though that the only trailer park they are looking to improve is the one on Frankfort and not the cesspool that is down on Knoxville. This trailer park being so close to where our kids congregate a ND play sports and which houses drug dealers and prostitutes. Let’s not just build a false facade out on Morena and hide the serious problems just on the other side. I’m all for improving the Morena corridor along the trolley line but in order to access the station most people will be arriving from SeaWorld drive which is where the park is.

  4. Lewis Lefler Reply


    Here is a photo of the 90 ft balloon that was raised on April 29th. This was taken from the corner of Ashton & Galveston which is well inside the Morena Corridor area. The 90 ft matter is not just a concern for Overlook Heights. That area around Morena and Buenos streets clearly impacts those of us in all of Bay Park.

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