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Community Comments

The City has presented their idea for the Morena Specific Plan to both Linda Vista and Clairemont portions of the Plan. We have until August 25th to comment at which time they will close the comment period and move onto the EIR (without a completed traffic study).

We are asking everyone to email Michael Prinz (Senior Planner) at with comments by August 25th.

Below are examples of comments sent to the City from members of the community:

1. A safe ped/bike path to Mission Bay

2. A Boardwalk that would extend from Clairemont Dr. to Tecolote Rd. and NOT just Ashton to Napier!

3. Setbacks for any building along Morena Blvd.

If you would like to add your letter to our website, please cc us when sending your comments to the City.

“Overcrowded” Letter

Hello Michael, Linda Vista & Clairemont (Bay Park & Bayho) are residential neighborhoods. People live in these neighborhoods to enjoy the open space and views. The roads are small and over crowded. Most recently Morena Blvd was reduced to one lane in each direction. The infastructure will not support an increase in population density. Please

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“Opposition” Letter

Mr Prinz, Public input from the Bay Park area has clearly delineated the fact that there is overwhelming opposition to increased density, and overwhelming support for a 30″ height limit for the entire Morena Corridor. For more than three quarters of a century, Bay Park has been the area between Clairemont Drive and Linda Vista

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“Ignored” Letter

Michael, My wife and I have been attending many of the community meetings and provided input regularly. Input which has been ignored by you and the Planning Commission. Removing land use from the plan we worked so hard on is a dirty trick. You and the commission should be ashamed of yourselves. I guess you

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“Ideas for Improvement” Letter

Dear Mr. Prinz, 1)  Dedicated ped/bike bridge    Mission Bay Park Bridge Infrastructure and safety are of upmost concern to residents.   We need a modest and safe dedicated ped/bike bridge from our area to Mission Bay Park that would also service trolley riders in their quest to safely cross Morena Blvd. A ‘redo’ of the Clairemont Drive

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