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Bay Park Boardwalk

The Bay Park Boardwalk is part of the Morena Specific Plan. RTB has worked with the City Planning Dept and our residents to design Morena Blvd from Clairemont Drive to Friars Road.

**Please note that your comments will be made a part of the PUBLIC RECORD and used for all official meetings including Community Planning Group, City Council, and SANDAG Board of Directors.

How And Why Is The City Changing Our Community Plans?

The City of San Diego and the County of San Diego is currently updating and amending our local Community Plans in their attempt to urbanize our neighborhoods in  compliance with sb 375 and several other state mandates, such as affordable-housing goals.   It is also an attempt  to lower carbon emissions, densify and diversify our neighborhoods

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Boardwalk Location

Vote here  or post your comments for your preferred proposal for the Bay Park Boardwalk and Morena Blvd new street design!  [huge_it_slider id=”2″]The Morena Specific Plan is now being drafted by the City Planning Dept.  The Planning Department announced that they are removing the Land Use portion of the Plan from our Ad Hoc Subcommittee review.  A

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Bay Park Boardwalk Sign Contest

Sign contest for the Bay Park Boardwalk!  If there are signs you’ve seen or ones you’ve drawn, please upload them in the comment section below at the bottom of the page.  Below are some samples.  When enough submissions have been gathered, an online poll will be created to determine the community’s preference(s).  Until we create the

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Design Elements

Material and Design Matters! What should the Bay Park Boardwalk be made of?  Please take poll.   Please leave your comments, new ideas and suggestions below.  You can upload drawings, illustrations and pictures to be posted by using the ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of the page. Design Elements for the Boardwalk Below are excerpts

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Green Construction

The community surveys and input support a GAR (Green Area Ratio) for the boundary area of the Morena Specific Plan. Read more about the GAR instituted in Washington, DC.   “While trees have long been recognized for their ability to help clean the air, reduce energy needs, raise property values, and mitigate heat island effects,

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