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60 FT Heights In Bay Park

The 60 Ft Building Height Issue was the first to be taken on by Raise The Balloon. We were victorious in making sure the 60Ft proposal was removed from City Planning Documents.

**Please note that your comments will be made a part of the PUBLIC RECORD and used for all official meetings including Community Planning Group, City Council, and SANDAG Board of Directors.

What is the 60 FT Height Issue All About?

The 60ft Height Issue originated in Feb of 2014 when the City of San Diego released its Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study attempting to amend our Community Plan allowing developers to build new low cost apartments and condominiums up to 60 feet in compliance with the City’s goal of Transit Oriented Development (i.e. high-density living units

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Heights, Design, & Use

Read the excerpts from the Morena Blvd Study written in black showing guidelines suggested by the city planners.  Then read the community proposals written in red.  Which design suggestions from the city and/or proposals from the community would you like incorporated into the Bay Park Boardwalk?  Or would you like to incorporate some of both?  Please post

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