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Best_pic.1Board mapVote here  or post your comments for your preferred proposal for the Bay Park Boardwalk and Morena Blvd new street design!  [huge_it_slider id=”2″]The Morena Specific Plan is now being drafted by the City Planning Dept.  The Planning Department announced that they are removing the Land Use portion of the Plan from our Ad Hoc Subcommittee review.  A Land Use letter of protest from the Subcommittee to the Mayor and Councilwoman Lorie Zapf has been sent. We stronly encourage all residents to attend the last few Subcommittee meetings, and the regular Clairemont Community Planning Group meetings to voice your concerns or suggestions for the redesign of Morena Blvd. Have you weighed-in on how you would like Morena Blvd to be developed, and the new reconfiguration of Morena Blvd?  If not, enter your comments here.

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