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Morena Study Released

Review the Morena Study and Specific Plan The Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study  was initiated by the City of San Diego Planning Department to comply with the goals and visions of the SANDAG Comprehensive Regional Plan, and the San Diego City General Plan to urbanize and densify our neighborhoods in compliance with sb375.   The ‘Study’

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Boardwalk Location

Vote here  or post your comments for your preferred proposal for the Bay Park Boardwalk and Morena Blvd new street design!  [huge_it_slider id=”2″]The Morena Specific Plan is now being drafted by the City Planning Dept.  The Planning Department announced that they are removing the Land Use portion of the Plan from our Ad Hoc Subcommittee review.  A

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Pedestrian Bridge Needed

At the October 10th, 2016 Ad-Hoc Subcommittee Meeting, Carol Schleisman, a sitting member of the subcommittee, proposed a new pedestrian walking bridge be built by SANDAG to mitigate the public safety issues that will occur once the Clairemont Trolley Station is completed.  RTB/Bay Park Boardwalk Committee are in FAVOR of a new pedestrian bridge and  James

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Location & Design of Protea Project

On 9/30/16, Protea Properties closed escrow on the vacant lot at the corner of Clairemont Dr. and Morena Blvd.  RTB/Bay Park Boardwalk committee is in FAVOR of Protea’s concept for a mixed-use project with an anchor tenant such as Trader Joe’s, Keil’s Grocery or a family restaurant such as the previous JR’s. On December 16, 2016,

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Bay Park Boardwalk Sign Contest

Sign contest for the Bay Park Boardwalk!  If there are signs you’ve seen or ones you’ve drawn, please upload them in the comment section below at the bottom of the page.  Below are some samples.  When enough submissions have been gathered, an online poll will be created to determine the community’s preference(s).  Until we create the

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Heights, Design, & Use

Read the excerpts from the Morena Blvd Study written in black showing guidelines suggested by the city planners.  Then read the community proposals written in red.  Which design suggestions from the city and/or proposals from the community would you like incorporated into the Bay Park Boardwalk?  Or would you like to incorporate some of both?  Please post

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