Video of 90-FT Impact at Jerome’s Parking Lot

5 comments on “Video of 90-FT Impact at Jerome’s Parking Lot”

  1. John Weidner Reply

    We didn’t move here to have our views blocked by 90′ towers. If you can’t live without 90′ towers then move to downtown. 30 foot max. No exceptions and no varieances, not even to 45 feet !!

  2. Linda Paulin Reply

    In general I dislike the NIMBY attitude, but the idea of 90 ft tall buildings in that area is ridiculous. The roads in that area already have several bottlenecks and there is no grocery store. The trick is to provide affordable housing without building an instant ghetto.

  3. Tim Bell Reply

    Why does anyone think that a 30 ft limit was written in to the plans in the beginning. Smart people.

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